Exhibition between Nov 16 - Dec 5

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Gallery 1 :The day the crown died, long live the crown
by Michael Hawkins

The four-pronged crown is cultivated en masse. Yet they take a turn, extending, shadow-like, outwards and upwards, part claw and part plant. No longer a symbol of exaltation but something ‘other’.
The day the crown died, long live the crown is a new body of work from Michael Hawkins. Hawkins incorporates drawing, painting and installation processes as a means of exploring how meaning can be generated from the visual interaction that takes place between sign and signage.


Gallery 2 to 3: Group show, Out of Body Experiences 
by Marcus Encel, Helen Pallikaros, Sarah Rudledge, Janine McGuinness

There is social embedding, but no cohesion. The together is not necessarily ours. Place is both embodied and disembodied.
We become, and sometimes remain…dislocated and disconnected.
We transform…we cope…we survive.
This group exhibition, involving two performances and digital artwork, explores these processes and concerns the relationship between people, place and space.