Tiarma Sirait


Tiarma Sirait is an Indonesian based fashion ar st who started her own private studio for fashion and design, Poleng Studio, in 1997. 

Tiarma Sirait was educated in the Bandung Ins tute of Technology (ITB), Royal Melbourne Ins tute of Technology (RMIT) and the University of Borås, Sweden (Master in Fashion & Tex le Design). She has exhibited extensively throughout Indonesia and in countries around the world such as the UK, France, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Australia, China, Canada, Cuba and Malaysia, among others. Her recent pain ngs have featured in exhibi ons in Jakarta (Galeri Nasional) and have been chosen for the permanent collec on of the Olympic Fine Arts Museum, China.

She is a fashion ar st, who aims to support diversity in Indonesian fashion through ac ve par cipa on in the local and interna onal fashion scenes. Tiarma is passionate about developing the crea vity of young Indonesian designers through workshops and internship programs and events. She sees her key role in the facilita on of fashion at Poleng Studio as a medium for expression and communica on through various exhibi ons, lectures, wri ng, performances and forums.