Exhibitionbetween Dec 7 - 26

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Gallery 1 : Ensemble - Human, Garment, Environmental Interface
Rioko Tega 

Ensemble is a collaborative work by Rioko Tega that investigates the relationship between 
the artist/designer, the garments and those that wear them by bringing together fashion, written word, philosophy, video and performance art in an installation. 

Making a stand against throwaway culture and questioning the fast, profit driven fashion industry, Tega aims to take the collaboration to the next level of experimentation redefining the relationship between those that make and wear clothing by asking them to intervene with the garments artistically in order to create new original relationships devised between the designer, 
those that wear the garments and the environment, while challenging her dilemma as a commercial patternmaker taking a huge part in the disposable fashion culture and as an independent 
designer/maker creating human focused garments to cover all bodies. 

Collaborators: Julie Koh Fiction Writer Tina Stefanou Artist / Singer / Song Writer 
Damon Young Philosopher / Writer

Gallery 2 : Urban Synthesis
Marcus Encel

The show looks at the relationship between thevisual and performing arts, graffiti and martial art asexpressed through the Japanese term Bun Bu Ichi,
(Pen and sword in accord). The show attempts tofuse the aesthetic of the Japanese sword in acontemporary Melbourne street art context.Creating the space of an urban dojo The show willfeature mixed media painting, sculpture and aikidoweapons bags that unfurl surprising artworks.