Program 2016 


Group show "Let's cross the sea"  

of Australian artists back from The 11th International Art Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

11th Feb to 1st March 2016 


Tania Smith

Kubota Fumikazu 

Eddie Botha 

Pimpisa Tinpalit 

Nakarin Jaikla 

Solo show  "To the table"    By Sarah Randall

31 March to 19 April 2016

An exploration into Still Life painting: examining relationships between people through the notion of communion “Everything that cannot be invested in human relationships is invested in objects... this projection of sentimentality... is also what turns them into the decor of a tenacious mythology” “Such objects together make up the system through which the subjects strives to construct the world, a private totality” 

Solo Exhibition "Sense of place through colour & texture"    By  Mohaned Abumeis 

5-24 May

Through my paintings I evoke the land qualities and to pictorial codes to articulate the subjectivity, multiplicity, history, that intimately connected to locality. The adoption of colours and textural quality in my pallet, which I would call it my “Australian pallet” serve the concept of paintings as lyrical metaphor of identity - migrant - boundaries – diversity – hybridity - multiculturalism – dynamism - sense of places …etc. “The body of my work tells some kind of story, which I think it does, the story of my journey into Australian culture, and  colour and texture is the language of the story”.                              

Jennifer Miller

26 May to June 14

This body of work for me has been a way to process my memories and attempt to recapture the "feeling" of a recent holiday to Bora Bora. It seeks to be a personal homage to a nostalgic landscape, inviting the viewer to reminisce over their own personal vacation memories. 

There is a level of personal expectation when travelling somewhere unknown and decisions are essentially based upon other people's opinions and sometimes hidden, commercial agendas.

Group Exhibition " Spirit of Thai" By Thai Artists

June 24 - July5  

Group Exhibition of Artists and Lecturers from Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT), and King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, (KMITL) Thailand,
Artists ,Komkrit Sawatdirom ,Thosaporn Suthum  Narakorn Sittites, Sorayut Duangjai, Attasit Pokpong Nattiwut Phuangphi and Uttaporn Nimmalaikeaw

 Ashley D Bird

28 July - 16 Aug
Each of us can remember back to moments in our past when time had a perceived slowness and imagination was the most essential skill to create worlds within worlds. Where play was something that required no end point or conclusion, just the immersion into the fantastical stories and scenarios individual to the relationship between a child and their toys.
This work is informed by the fantasy of nostalgia and its power to activate a compulsion towards specific objects from childhood, and how these objects create an obsessive discourse between the fantasy of the past and the reality of the present.

Jaedon Shin

18 Aug - 6 Sep

In this series of paintings, Jaedon Shin has captured the essence of life in and around Burke Road.Within the bustle and colour of the external life encompassing cafés, auctions and shopping, he has depicted the internal life of individuals, expressing the suspense and concentration of those attending an auction, the engagement of those in a café, and the blandness and non-engagement of those on the street.The strong, solid, vivid colours contrast with the monotony of their everyday lives.

Polly Hollyoak

7-26 July
Straddling the boundaries between abstraction and representational forms, my work explores abstraction, colour, pattern and form through the medium of painting. Vibrant works borrow freely from the image bank of everyday life, with objects being transformed, and the distinction between the ‘real’ and the ‘representational’ dissolving away.  Largely derived from advertising sources and glossy representations of the ‘real’, my work explores notions of consumption and desire by highlighting the volume and cacophony of imagery to which we are incessantly exposed.  Recent exploration into wallpapering processes and patterns has resulted in the introduction of a new element into my practice; flocking. This exhibition explores the extent to which the textural sensation of flocking can enhance the essence of consumerism that is central to my work.

29 Sep - 18 Oct

A group of Melbourne based female artists, each have different artistic styles but have found similarity in their sensitivity to the figurative form and the expression of emotion.
By Nina Rupena, Suzana jacmenovic, Andrea Williamson and Florence Tupuola

Eddie Botha

20 Oct -8 Nov

Drawing the line, either to connect, classify or to divide. The Psychology of interaction is all based on our human perception. Life is about interaction, about people, and how we perceive things to be. This co-incides with our cultural diversity and the ever changing composition and character of the Australian culture. Analyzing these everyday interactions that shape our society, seasoned with some humour with the adition of Electronic components. They symbolize both the actual existence of this intergral components in our lives, but also an abstract form of interaction. A form of ‘life’ that we are now so used to. Personified, these electronic sounds and components have indeed become very human and acceptable to us. Yet, it will always be very foreign and strange, separate. Let’s deal with the oddities in a feast of merriness and celebrate life and electricity.

Myung Hee Kim

10-29 Nov

Myunghee Kim’s work touches the heart, causing it to issue a sigh, a silent tear for those imprisoned in the soul-destroying regime of North Korea. The fine strokes of the charcoal drawings exude sensitivity and poignancy. In contrast, the strong brush strokes and solid colours of the paintings evoke the brutality that stifles individuality and dismisses human value. Loss of identity is portrayed in the replication of a single figure in multiple images, including the sexual objectification of the female soldier. The individual is dispensable just a cog in the machine. The question posed is: “Can you hear me?”

Group show "All I wish"

1- 25 Dec

"All I wish" is a group of Melbourne-based artists, each with different artistic styles.
Artists inclouded
- Andrea Hughes
- David Freney-Mills
- En-En See
- Linda Oy HO
- Olga Tsara
- Polly Hollyoak