OPENING : Thursday 10 Jan 2019 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : Wed 9th - Sun 20th Jan , 2019

GALLERY 1: Since ’96
Jess Merlo

Since ’96, an exhibition that taps into various points of personal nostalgia, with particular reference to the childhood milieus. Consisting of a series of textured paintings and large-scale interactive sculptural installations, this body of work features multiple layers both physically and conceptually that are laden with organic shapes, scrawls and mark-makings.
Created from a spirited process for responses through contact and connection with the works.

GALLERY 2: Kréyol
Ruddy Travaglini

Ruddy Travaglini is a painter from Martinique, he is inspired by the colourful and warm environment of the Caribbean.
His work is based on the research of Caribbean’s origins and how Caribbean people have bought them own identity with fragments of different cultures throughout history. He use pasting graphics to explore ideas related to his mixed african-amerindian-french-italian cultural heritage combining mixed mediums, materials, textures and colours. Ruddy cuts plastic, paper and cardboard with deferent thickness to get deferent parts of his characters. As a 3D puzzle, all this pieces that he compares to fragments of our DNA are put together.
he works by day and by night with a phosphorescent paint to hide ephemeral secrets and messages, connecting past and present, building bridges between the ancestors and the present human being.
ruddy's work fuses apparent contradictions, synchronising the decadent and the minimal, the spectacular and the invisible, seeking to heighten the experience of the spectator by creating immersive environments that transport the viewer into other worlds.

GALLERY 3: Animalias
Eddie Botha

We have a lot in common with animals, and in some instances we are exactly the same. Yet we have distagnciuated ourselves from of friends and nature in general to a large extent in a short period. Eddie's art evolves around interaction and some artworks features electronic components dubbed 'Artronica'. The show theme is focused on animals with humans and technology in the mix. He uses humour and found advertising materials to create these allegorical works with a focus on ink drawing, influenced by rock art, manga, pop and street art. His works has been shown around the world and held in various National collections such as Beijing and New York, and it continues to evolve.