OPENING : Friday 8 June 2018 at 6-8 pm.

EXHIBITION : June 6 - 17, 2018

Gallery 1: From Scratch
Ella Relf

A few years ago I stayed in a hotel in “Audiences carry the freedom to judge art as good, bad, challenging, dull, pleasant, empty or inspiring.“From Scratch” seeks to detach art from its creator and reattach to the audience, placing the viewer at the centre of the artistic process. What is required within theself? Tobe bold enough, proud enough, open enough or daring enough, to create something and call itart?Literally, this exhibition asks you to step beyond observation and paint.

The work seeks to open the daunting aesthetic of creative freedom, and the consequences of judgement; opportunities which are common enough in the digital world but rarely found in the context of a gallery. I invite you to take part inthis moment of ambiguity.”

Gallery 2 : Close Up
Serena Renée

The ‘Close Up’ collection is a part of an ongoing series created from my obsession to observe and capture emotion in the moment and in spaces in time that I pause with my camera. I need to feel energy from my productions for them to be complete, framing them with both visions of the naked eye and minds eye.

All images are personal, capturing relationships, whether it be an artist’s relationship with his work, relationships with others or simply for self-reflection. The work often shows feet and hands as touch is an important part of human exchange in sustaining our environments.

Closing in on these moments and gestures promotes and exhibits contemplation of our conditioning as humans, revealing organically my perspective of life.

Gallery 3 : Contour
Michele Donegan

My art practice involves travelling, noticing, collecting, remembering, valuing, transforming and reconsidering.
As I walk I collect objects and images from the world around me. Walking allows slow progress through the world and encourages the walker to notice things in detail that other forms of travel do not allow. The works in Contour share this experience and detail with the viewer.

Contour consists of works that are a remake and reinterpretation of small pieces of cuttlefish found whilst walking on the beach where I live. The tiny details held within the bone are seen as contours. These contours form their own landscapes and each piece is unique. I see these landscapes as capturing both time and the movement of the ocean.
My work always invites the viewer into my world where I re-present the world as I see it. I see beauty in the everyday object and aim to express that beauty through a visual philosophy that references place, history and memory.