OPENING : Thursday 7 Feb 2019 at 6-8 pm.

EXHIBITION : Wed 6 - Sun 17 Feb, 2019

GALLERY 1: Limitless
Irene Matejka

An invitation to connect and delight in these inner reflections on display. These artworks are the documented realities of moments within where I was able to find myself limitless for a time. I hope that they will also capture you and may even help you discover some wonder and beauty about yourself because I came to realise that all that's exquisite around us be it nature or art serves as a reminder of how divinely beautiful we all are.
As a self-taught abstract artist who began painting at a mature age a few years ago, I started to taste the joy of these limitless possibilities of self-expression — a beautiful yet challenging process that helped me to become stronger and more daring not just in my art but as a person.

GALLERY 1-2 : Group show
Square - Circle

Exhibition includes painting , sculpture, print, illustration and photography as part of our group show
Cr image : Daniela Zimmermann

Leah Mariani
Mr Dimples
Kathy Best
Shelley Hall
Bec Yule
Daniela Zimmermann
Deborah Bowen
Clyde CK
LuLu LaLa
Mana Aghajary
Eddy Burger
Paula McLoughlin
Alberto Ledesma Equihua
Megan Tan
Georgia laurie
Peta Tranquille
Joseph Villanueva
Carolina Arsenii
Suesy Circosta
Fiona Knight
Alexia Novella
Daniel Owen
Julia Higgs
Angelita Sofia Biscotti
Ellen Giannikos
Natalie Lawson
Alice Wong
Joshua Skinner

GALLERY 3: Redraw
Aneta Bozic

We live our lives experiencing it, reflecting on it and learning from it. It impacts us, shapes us and leaves it mark. These experiences, moments and passages of time can be subtle, almost imperceptible in the way they shape us. They can also be bold, loud and leave obvious scars that can take years to come to terms with and heal. When we stop, reflect and engage, layers of complexity of emotion and meaning reveal themselves.

Just as the various experiences that we encounter elicit a variety of actions and reactions over the course of our lives, they inform and mould our personalities. As we develop our ability to be reflective, to learn from and understand our experiences, we can change the meaning and narrative of our past and the impact that it has upon us.

This body of work is about how we integrate this knowledge and experience into our sense of being, our sense of self, our world view. The work incorporates a number of previous works that have meaning to me, some were completed, others not. They reflect a period in my life, an attitude, an observation or an experience. These have been reworked in various ways so that the original works form the foundation of the new works, sometimes remaining visible under the new treatment, sometimes not.

As we evolve through this process, new growth, in our understanding, ability to engage, interact and create in the world becomes possible. Representations of the past have been reconceptualised, given new context and redrawn to reflect the present. These new works represent my current state of being, sense of self and world view, marking another moment in time.