OPENING : Friday 7 Dec 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : Wed 5 Dec - Sun 16 Dec, 2018

Gallery 1 : Mystic Rituals
Jason Hazle

In his upcoming show " Mystic Rituals" Hazle explores new avenues in his art practice.
Hit subject conceptually depicts a sequence of unique activities; revolving around physical stance and gestures performed ritualistically and encapsulated in a sequestered mystical place.

Hazle's genre` of subject and influence revolves around diverse cross cultural imagery, historically and geographically. Drawing from his research he is inspired to create his own narrative and imagery which depicts and imaginary world of mystical hybrids and otherworldly paintings and sculptures.

Gallery 2 : Colour, Place & Community
Mohamed Abumeis

Searching within different cultural spaces and through the emergence of new ideas, and via independent thought for a new approach to independent thought, led me to establish my new palette, which I would call my “Australian palette”. I felt I could express things with colours that I couldn't speak of in any other way. I have been influenced by my favourite quotation of Paul Klee’s statement, “Colour is the place where our brain and universe come together and meet” Thus, Colours became my world; I feel that I am fragment of colour, and we have to be as one.
My exhibition showcases a series of original paintings in an attempt to evoke the qualities of Australian surroundings, identity, and to pictorial codes to articulate the subjectivity, multiplicity, history that intimately connected to locality. It is an endeavour with an intention to articulate the spirit and vital rhythm of a place, and to evoke clues to the spirit of our ‘contemporary’ age and highlights a fundamental change in our understanding of social dynamics and the multi-layered construction of Australian contemporary society.

“The body of my work tells some kind of story, which I thinkit does, the story of my journey into Australian culture, and
colour and texture is the language of the story”.

Technically, my current " Aussie pallet" metaphorically explores the articulation of debates surrounding art and identity, and highlight the visibility/invisibility of diversity, multiculturalism, juxtaposition, history, migration, boundaries, belonging …etc. The profound tensions achieving my 'Australian' palette raise questions about the potentialities and limitations that can constitute new artistic movement as my response to Australia. The adoption of colours and textural quality metaphorically and ambiguously employs as a language and method that occurred and essentialized various codes, linguistic models, and a narrative that invites a performative reading, and break the boundaries between self and the 'community host'.

Gallery 3 : Rhythm of Nature
Supmanee Chaisansuk

Supmanee was trained as an architect in Bangkok, her concept of artworks inspired from nature around herself . she always favor to zoom in patterns of wildlife such as like trees ,fungus, flowers, etc. she feels peaceful mind and impressive when she look at gorgeous life that source of art inspiration. The approach method create semi abstract styles as experiments which link nature pattern colors and mind by paint from imagination and sub consciousness to communicate feeling with environments .

For this collection was inspired from nature as well .She can experience nature’s systematic movements and link herself to the rhythm of her surroundings, immersing herself in the complexity of the seeming disorder. In that moment time is slowed down, and no longer determined by the clock. she can take that time to also consider the cycle of life as she feels it in her soul, seeing that it in some ways conforms to the uncertainty of life. At this moment, she feel free and see the value and beautiful of the movement, colors, mysteries, shapes and forms, in nature.