OPENING : Thursday 5 Sep at 6-8 pm.

EXHIBITION : Wed 4 Sep - Sun 15 Sep, 2019

Gallery 1 - 2 - 3
Group Exhibition : Lost and Found

In 2018 these 6 artists returned to study which both revived their artistic mojo and allowed them to find each other. Donna Broadbent, Sue Davies, Gina Grant, Ange Kelly, Mary-Lou Pittard and Bec Yule bring you their artistic impressions of ‘Lost/Found’.

Working in various print media, these diverse representations of the theme will hopefully inspire your own meditations on life, art, and the emotions around losing and/or finding things, people, places, ideas.

Thinking about Lost/Found has been an exercise in unravelling the meaning of words. Loss is usually considered a sad thing, but sometimes losing something can be freeing and help you to make positive changes in your life. To find something is generally considered a positive, but it can also be a catalyst for poor decisions or emotions.

Most cultures have myths/legends/fairytales around loss and the search for lost things. Finding things equates to adventure, a quest. This exhibition hopefully challenges the emotions and cultural conceptions surrounding Lost/Found... from the domestic to the epic, there is something for everyone!