OPENING : Friday 6 July 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : July 4 - 15, 2018

Gallery 1 : Sin Pantalones
Paris Tremayne

Firstly and most importantly, I create from my heart and follow my intuition.
I am not a conceptual artist and choose to avoid describing my work so that the viewer can embark on their own journey with what I have created. What you see will be different from what I see or what your friend sees. And it's not my place or even my right to interfere with that.

Just as a poet needn't make a painting to explain their poem. I have chosen a visual medium for a reason and see no need to justify that visual medium with words. And so the pieces speak for themselves far better than I could ever hope to do so with words.

Although I would say my work is an expression of the sincere joy, utter wonder and intensely intimate gratitude I feel for this profound and infinite mystery called life.

Gallery2 : Pearl
Marc Tremayne

Gallery 3 : Freestyle
George Diamandis

George Diamandis’s Freestyle exhibition presents a series of works that explore scale, order and disorder. From a cosmic perspective, the artwork aims to depict naturally occurring systems of organisation including many levels of size and structure, mirroring the relationship between micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos.
In viewing the artwork, the eye moves through labyrinths of interconnected structures. Focusing on each image’s individual parts reveals the proliferation of minute details.

The viewer is able to seek out new relations and understandings between the lines, colours and forms that create rhythm, movement and harmony within the artwork.