OPENING : Thursday 31 Oct at 6-8 pm.

EXHIBITION : Wed 30 Oct - Sun 10 Nov, 2019

SPACE 1: Ecdysis (Part One)
Kate McWilliam

Melbourne artist Kate McWilliam engages with masquerade, prosthesis and photographic self-portraiture as revelatory devices. ‘Ecdysis’ violates ordinary sartorial code with fantastical encasements.

The casting, replicating and repositioning of parts reflects dualities such as self-presentation vs. self-concealment and self vs. other. Informed by a desire for catharsis and symbolic inversion, the work explores ideas and ideals around sex, self and femininity.

SPACE 2: Golden Gods
Ashlea Bechaz

Through a keen interest in ancient deities and the old art movements of Baroque and the Renaissance I create my own world through Illustration. In this strange place I blur the lines
between the beautiful and odd in alluring detail and colour using a range of traditional based media.

I hope to give a glimpse into the lives of the worshipped and great Gods of old who are spectacular to behold but who also strike a terrifying figure.

SPACE 3: “An Untitled Installation” 2019
Stevan Lukic

(terracotta clay, glaze, single channel video)

With over half a tonne of wet terracotta clay, ‘An Untitled Installation’ became what was to be a journey of self exploration in discovering stereotypical viewpoints on masculinity and what it is to “be a man.” Through tireless and methodical process, it was to be a labour like no other.

Each penis hand made through intuition by myself the artist. I believe that through the act of repetitive process, more and more can be revealed about concepts and preconceived beliefs held both personally, and within society. Having come from
a rather conventional background, and being both white and heterosexual, the experience for me became more than just a humorous exploration of my own obsession with the phallus.

‘An Untitled Installation’ , aims to dispel regimented viewpoints on toxic masculinity through its use of humour and visual disarray. As a leading contributor to domestic violence, violence towards women, violence towards those within the LGBTQI community, rape culture, murder and suicide within men and a precipitator towards alcohol and drug abuse, I feel that toxic masculinity poses itself as one of the largest threats to community at the present time. This installation is intended to create a space for dialogue and reflection.

20% of profit donated towards Thorne Harbour Health (formerly The Victorian AIDS council).