OPENING : Friday 28 Sep 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : 26 Sep - 7 Oct , 2018

Gallery 1-3
Group Exhibition The 69 Collective

Late last century a small group of artists found an empty shoe repair shop at 69 Smith St Fitzroy and turned it into one of Melbourne's longest-running artist-run spaces.

Over the next 18 years there were many ups and downs.
There were breakthroughs and breakdowns. Friends were made and some were lost but through it all, thousands of artists were able to develop and show their work. When the old shoe shop was sold in 2016, a collective of emerging and established artists decided to stick together.
The 69 Collective was born. Artists with a diversity of art practices were determined to continue to support each other, to continue to make art, and to continue to show their work together. Art works is includes painting , sculpture, print, illustration and photography as part of our group show