OPENING : Friday 27 April 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : April 25 - May 6, 2018

Gallery 1 : Don't let darkness come and hold me
Mr. Dimples

'Don’t let the darkness come and hold me’ is the newest collection by Bendigo Street Artist, Mr Dimples. His work is an emotional response inspired by the frustrations of his life, such as friendship, work, social media/technology and dating.

Using his distinctive style and iconic characters, each canvas tells a story of events or people in his life.

Gallery 2 : Reverie
Melanie Padilla

There’s a hidden language in our expressions. It’s a language more subtle than smiles, more complicated than blinks or quivers. These mesmerising messages are quiet and exquisite. They flicker and hypnotise, heaving like waves, melting like palm scoops of ice cream, full of dreams and nightmares and lilac lips that bruise necks for days.

“Reverie” is an exploration of these waking fantasies. This series of multi-faced portraits explores the surreal dive into the bewitching and captivating faces of strangers and the variants within them.

Gallery 3 : Empty Spaces
Luke Rion

‘Empty spaces’ is a body of work that explores the beauty of suburban scenes enveloped in nature. A series of ‘still life’ paintings that merge symbols of suburban affluence with an infinitely expansive forest backdrop. It presents suburban space as an integration, not a juxtaposition, to nature.
The work investigates the mysterious aesthetic between nature and the suburban landscape.