OPENING : Friday 21 Dec 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : Wed 19 Dec - Sun 30 Dec, 2018

Gallery 1: The alien potato series
Eddy Burger

Come and see the strange alien creatures that I have photographed in different settings. They have an uncanny resemblance to potatoes left in a cupboard too long, sprouting root-like arms gesturing as if to the gods. See the alien potato at a disco or overlooking the strange landscape of its home world. Watch it as it crouches on a ledge waiting to pounce. But be on your guard lest they take control your mind with colours so bright they could transport you to another dimension.
This exhibition features numerous renderings of each image in a project that is both an exploration of an idea and a celebration of colour and form, distorted, dazzling and unnatural. Comprised primarily of manipulated colour photography, it includes old-school black & whites plus text.
I am multidisciplinary artist whose practice ranges from visual art to creative writing, theatre and singing. As a visual artist I am accomplished in photography, drawing, painting and sculpture. My recent focus has been on luridly colourful digital photography and humorous surreal pen drawings. I have recently exhibited in solo shows and group shows at BlackCat Gallery, Collingwood Gallery, In.cube8r gallery, Brunswick Street Gallery and Linden New Art.

Gallery 2: Group Show

Four artists come together in a micro group show of predominantly black and white photography and small sculptures.
Pete Shapland, Lulu Lala, David and

Lulu Lala
"FACING IT" - This series explores my reaction to “facing” or confronting the blank wall. Whether I face something tangible or ultimately myself… I fall into a response that gives me shape. I have tried to capture that shape. In doing so, the shape can be viewed.
Lulu likes to make things and has made 100s of things, particularly puppets and costumes. She last exhibited at Collingwood Gallery in June 2018.
... sometimes goes by the name 安磊. His works in this exhibition are B&W versions of some of his many pics from his upcoming book "Yes I can Bloody use Chopsticks", a damn fine read, which was one of the many results of his teaching English in China for eight and a half years. Another result was his love of jellyfish, but that's another story

Peter Shapland and David Best
Friends for 25 years Pete & Dave have shared a photographic passion, although mostly separated by distance. Starting with landscape as a connection to place , over time each has explored other areas through film and other traditional based processes , to the latest digital "cake mix"methodology . These two images represent how good friends will always remain despite differences and distances.

Gallery 3: Flourishing In Bloom Collection
Amber Lette

I found I could say things with my art with colors shapes and textures that I could not say any other way. The things I had no words for,I have injured, I have been broken , I have known hardships But here I aam still here still moving forward. Like a warrior.
This collection of work is about transition and evolving . The work is emotive to arouse intense feeling to the viewer. I use colors and textures that are vibrant and bold to allure the viewer to think outside the box. The work is extremely experimental. “The tombs of the bohemian king. She revealed the bohemian life of Montparnasse. The work conveys empowered for the future new beginnings.

The transformation in ones life. The road less travelled. Its about the journey. The road to bohemia. May every individual feel empowered for the future and live out loud.