OPENING : Friday 16th March 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : March 14 -25, 2018

Gallery 1 : Something Fleeting
Rachel King

‘Something Fleeting’ is a new body of paintings that challenges the distance between representation and abstraction.
Born from real places, objects and forms these works
aim to sit on the edge of representation and recognition.
There is a creation of a language and internal logic that occurs in the stages between a blank canvas and a finished painting that is timelessly fascinating.
Framed are the internal and external influences that drive the decisions made while painting, concreting them to the time and place that they were created.

This body of work concentrates on bolder mark making and competition of colour while working through notions of fluidity and strength. ‘Something Fleeting’ is the first chance
to present these paintings in conversation with each other and within a different architectural space.

Gallery 2 : Dirty witches in a post apocalyptic world
Molly Stephenson

Molly Stephenson is a visual artist based in Narrm/Melbourne, Australia. She is interested in sculpture within her practise and is currently in her final year of studying an undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. Stephenson has been inspired by artists such as Bonnie Lucas, Agnes Pelton, Hilma af Klint, Emma Kunz, Georgia O’Keefe, Rachel Maclean, Paul Yore, Linda Stupart, Athena Papadopoulos and Christian Thompson to create her sculptural forms.

Stephenson creates apotropaic objects and assemblages that reflect upon ‘the new natural’. Hauntology, Contemporary Paganism, Shamanism and Witchcraft are used as a vehicle to discuss our current global ecological crisis, post-apocalypticism and the persecution of women. Catastrophe fetishism and metamorphosis are also dissected in her violent, materialistic process: burning, melting, seeping, oozing, thawing, manipulating, leaking, suctioning, penetrating and secreting are some of the tactile procedures she engages within… in order for us to be exposed to our -environmentally destructive behaviour and how it is manipulating and transforming our eco-systems.

Gallery 3 : Untitled (white)
Tania Smith

The Untitled (white) series of works depict the female performing body in the Australian landscape. I make costumes utilising industrial or unconventional materials to create form and compositions of a performing female figure, as part of my ongoing interest in exploring representation and feminist aesthetics. The Untitled (white) series was shot at Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula.The images suggest a picturesque location in sand dunes or by the ocean, with a piece of luxurious white fabric and long black dress evoking commercial photography. Yet the material is waste industrial plastic, and the dune is a pile of landscaping material found at a building supplies store. This reflects the masking and illusory nature of constructing the image of woman. The performer’s face is obscured by the plastic and often the body stands in an exaggerated stance, creating a silhouette of black against the grit and sand, with a clear blue sky above.