OPENING : Friday 16th Feb 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : Feb 14 -25, 2018

Gallery 1 : Grimm Discoveries
Tamara Jordan

Dr Tamara Jordan is a Melbourne-based German visual artist, lecturer and researcher. Tamara’s artworks attempt to reveal the hidden and symbolical language inherent in traditional narratives such as folk and fairytales. The ink and pen drawings are dedicated to the surreal, the poetry of the dark and the depiction of juxtapositions such as: sweet versus grotesque, funny versus melancholic and beautiful versus uncanny.This exhibition primarily focuses on folktales collected by the Brothers Grimm.(J. & W. Grimm, Kinder and Hausmärchen first published in 1812). Tamara’s work is motivated by the exploration of the inner wisdom and meaning of the traditional sources, which point to social conflicts through imaginative symbols.
The deeper underlying meaning of the tales emerges when they are understood as metaphors for human actions that work in relation to certain psychological principles. Although we are far away from those actions, we can still feel and relate to these metaphors.

Gallery 2 : Moleboy
Andrew Pilkington

Andrew Pilkington’s exhibition Moleboy displays cartoons, which aim to reveal the subtleties of human behaviour. Andrew’s cartoons are completed in the traditional pen and ink style, and digitally coloured. The cartoon’s presented in Moleboy are reflections of eye witness accounts at the supermarket , the terrifyingly primal search for love, the role ignorance has to play in superficiality and the inevitable horror of replacement.

Gallery 3 : Clouds and car window frame × 95 = WOW
Edward Burger

Witness the fantastic via 95 manipulations of the one image in a celebration of clouds, colour, beauty, diversity and digital special effects. This series of vastly differing, exceptionally colourful, digital photographs will WOW you to the core.