OPENING : Friday 14 September 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : 12 Sep - Sun 23 Sep, 2018

Gallery 1 : Rust, Iron and Ochre
Gary Upfield

My work continues to be inspired by my love of the Australian Bush. I believe we need to preserve the Bush.
I am one of a few artists in Victoria other than indigenous artists using Natural Ochre to paint with. This makes my art unique. You can see in my work the very real and vibrant colours of the outback.
I love being outdoors and especially central Australia where I paint in-situ. I also paint in the studio from photos or drawings. My paintings depict the reds, yellows, greens and browns of the dry outback land. I have spent many winters at remote camps away from Alice Springs.

I have been painting all my life and I still paint foremost for my personal pleasure and relaxation.

In this exhibition I am including some new and older work which depicts the landscape as a neglected environment. The Title of the exhibition reflects not just Iron, Rust and Ochre found in the colours of the landscape but also the intrusion of manmade Iron and Rust.

Travelling on the isolated tracks in Central Australia, I am struck by the beauty of the landscape but also see the abused environment and neglect created by man passing through this landscape. Many abandoned rusting vehicles, rubbish and disintergrating iron machinery is left on the roadside.

I have painted these scenario’s and also some landscapes of the natural environment.

Gallery 2 : Every season has its own colour
JP Pemapsorn

June (JP Pemapsorn) is a young female Thai artist, who paints because it makes her feel content and ALIVE. She started making art from an early age and decided to leave architecture school, in order to fully commit herself to the art world. June wants viewers of her paintings to be moved by what they see. She wants to create an internal energy that lets sensations go on a free flow while observing her work. June appreciates different genres of art, but prefers creating abstract or semi-abstract works herself.
Her creative mind is nurtured by her own soul & experiences throughout life, and by teachers like Chonkhet Phanwichien, or one of her favorite Asian artists Thawan Dutchanee.

Over the years, June has had solo & group exhibitions all over Thailand, Europe, Vietnam, USA and recently showed at the Tokyo International Art Fair in the Omotosando Hills, selling her works to international collectors. She recently created her first street art works on the Island of Koh Mak, Thailand. June is a vibrant, dedicated and talented artist.

Gallery 3 : Breakaway Daydream
Matthew Adcock

Matthew manifests in his artwork a route of escape from business meetings and mundanity. Breakaway Daydream breaks-out from a feeling of being "trapped in” by escaping into imagination. As the contents of a shaken-up bottle frustratingly bursts-forth, Matthew bursts outwardly from his locked-in circumstances, capturing vibrancy within the bounds of his paper. This is performed through moving inwardly into an absurd universe of escape, where there are not the restrictions of everyday life. The exhibition begins with the dreamer as subject, and then proceeds quickly to the dream.

Drowning voices
Muffle mumble
Dry nothings
White collar meetings
Irrelevant babble - I am distracted
Pen firmly in hand
I sketch nervously on the agenda
Imploding into my own imagination
I explode the brightness in front of me
The cosmos has a centre
A white rectangle with black marks

One Night Only Project (Video Art)
- Fluidity and Stagnation by Chloe Hansen
- Where Are You Going? by Linda Loh