OPENING : Friday 13th April 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : April 11 -22 , 2018

Gallery 1 : Emotional Responses
Nick Berry and Amira Farooq

‘Emotional Responses’ presents new works by artists Nick Berry and Amira Farooq that explore colour line and mark making in relation to an interpretive process of both artist and viewer.

The gestural trace becomes the representation of both artists thought processes, examined through the use of colour application and emotional connections to the works presented.Classical painting structures are identified the concepts of the signifier - figures, object, forms,lines, colours, perspectives.The work questions the nature of producing and reading an artwork-about what art is.

Painting has a constant relationship to the sign - the real - and is about finding relationships and creating responses both emotional and physical.Artists Nick Berry and Amira Farooq have formed these works in response to their respective practices and have based the project on collaboration of common interests and shared communications for over a year based in Melbourne and Pakistan.

Gallery 2 : Trans-Siberian Dreaming
Elizaveta Maltseva

Trans-Siberian Dreaming is a series of mono prints made from photographs and drawings produced while travelling along the Trans-Siberian railway.

The six-day journey was like a pause in reality. While the train rushed through the Russian winter landscape, inside the warm train carriage existence was very isolating. Behind the glass windows of the train it was easy to draw parallels to the life of a goldfish in a tank or a koi fish in a decorative pond.
The works are hazy and nostalgic in aesthetic with the intention of capturing an unclear moment.

The printmaking qualities are delicate in some areas of the images and brutal in others. As the printing process is water based, the images are suggestive of watercolour painting and polaroid transfers.
This body of work is a personal reflection of just one girl on a train but it speaks about the displacement and isolation of many.

Gallery 3 : Marking Time II
Jacklyn Peters

Marking Time II is a selection of drawings made during a difficult three-year period. This body of work is unapologetically introspective. Made with one purpose, to keep my focus on the belief that to stop is to give up. I see each mark drawn as a step, one drawn after the other, created only to keep at bay the incessant anxiety and ever-present self-talk that everything was not going to be ok.