OPENING : Friday 12 Oct 2018 at 6-8 pm

EXHIBITION : Wed 10 Oct- Sun 21 Oct , 2018

Gallery 1 : Multi-pull Personalities
Jenny Hall

Continuing my investigation of the human condition I have produced portraits of fellow artists and self portraits. These portraits are informed by the notion of the ‘selfie’ being a construct of both the mask of personality/identity and ‘branding’ in a social media context.

The title of this exhibition is a play on words. ‘Multi-pull’ refers to the printmaking process I use which is a reductive relief method. This technique requires multiple pulls or printing from the same original hand carved plate. Some of the prints are printed as Editions while some are a series of U/S prints. (Unique State prints).

Along with the prints I will be exhibiting performance art videos. I like to refer to these performances as ‘self portraits’. These videos are confronting, visceral and emotive exploring notions of the feminine identity and the fragility of the self.

Gallery 2 : Kook out of water
Brodie Colbourne

Brodie Colbourne is an illustrator born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Somewhat of a surfer, he has grown up loving his days at the beach. Having kissed the sun, he often draws his inspiration from hairy adventures, gnarly surf days and the beauty of nature, including these as themes throughout his work. Brodie’s drawings, sometimes kooky are vibrant, energetic and fun.

Brodie enjoys painting and illustrating using various markers and pens. He has created a series of illustrations on surfboards, skateboard decks, and cotton rag to strongly reflect his personal experiences from surfing and his travels, as well as dedicating some work to his influences of cartoon and animation.

Gallery 3 : Dream Awake
Chantelle Ferri

Chantelle Ferri’s work can be described as ‘visionary’, by transcending the physical world and creating alternate realities. She is inspired by Psychedelic art, Fantasy and Surrealists; often dealing with mystical, ethereal and atmospheric qualities within her work.

She explores these themes through her work Dream Awake, a photographic inspired by Natural landscapes creating dreamlands through intensified and heightened saturated colours. These other worlds construct a link between the conscious and unconscious mind. Her work creates a world of contemplation, stillness of mind, and natural beauty also alluding to mother earth and the feminine.

This series was inspired by dramatic landscapes aound Australia and the world – some of which include Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria and Binalong Bay in Tasmania during the artists exploration of the state’s National Parks. Her connection to nature continues to be a celebration of life and embracing the beauty of our wild surroundings. Her works create a sense of escapism from our often busy and chaotic lives.