Solo show "Burke Road"  By Jaedon Shin

Between Aug 18 - Sep 6

Opening reception on Thursday 18 Aug at 6-9 pm



"BURKE ROAD"  In this series of paintings, Jaedon Shin has captured the essence of life in and around Burke Road.Within the bustle and colour of the external life encompassing cafés, auctions and shopping, he has depicted the internal life of individuals, expressing the suspense and concentration of those attending an auction, the engagement of those in a café, and the blandness and non-engagement of those on the street.The strong, solid, vivid colours contrast with the monotony of their everyday lives. 




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Upcoming class for kids and Workshops for teens/adult 

Sculpting and Mix media class will teach you the basics of this fun and satisfying art form, and allow you to explore simple  processes using contemporary materials. This course is excellent for students new to sculpture. For best results, attend both workshops in order to complete your project.

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