Group Show “Evokative Lifescapes” 

By Nina Rupena, Suzana Jacmenovic, Andrea Williamson and  Florence Tupuola

Between Sep 29-Oct18 , Opening reception on Thursday 29 Sep at 6-9 pm


A group of Melbourne based female artists, each have different artistic styles but have found similarity in their sensitivity to the figurative form and the expression of emotion


Solo Show  "Let's cross the line"

By Eddie Botha

Between 20 Oct - Nov 8, Opening reception on Thursday 29 Sep at 6-9 pm



Drawing the line, either to connect, classify or to divide. The Psychology of interaction is all based on our human perception. Life is about interaction, about people, and how we perceive things to be. This co-incides with our cultural diversity and the ever changing composition and character of the Australian culture. Analyzing these everyday interactions that shape our society, seasoned with some humour with the adition of Electronic components. They symbolize both the actual existence of this intergral components in our lives, but also an abstract form of interaction.

A form of ‘life’ that we are now so used to. Personified, these electronic sounds and components have indeed become very human and acceptable to us. Yet, it will always be very foreign and strange, separate. Let’s deal with the oddities in a feast of merriness and celebrate life and electricity.






BlackCat Gallery is a new and exciting space to promote Australian and South East Asian Artists. We are now taking Artists submissions for 2017 and all work on the site is currently available for purchase and private viewings. Please contact us for more details.

Upcoming class for kids and Workshops for teens/adult 

Sculpting and Mix media class will teach you the basics of this fun and satisfying art form, and allow you to explore simple  processes using contemporary materials. This course is excellent for students new to sculpture. For best results, attend both workshops in order to complete your project.

Sat : at 9:30 am -12:30 pm.  Find information here.